Rajendra Teredesai is ranked today as one of the leading classical Indian bamboo flute (bansuri) maestros from India.

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Rajendra Teredesai, who represents the very esssence of his Guru's colossal musical heritage, belongs to the hallowed Beenkaar Maihar Gharana, founded by Acharya Ustad Allauddin Khansaheb, one of the greatest multi - faceted musical geniuses of the 20th century.

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The flute is the symbol of spiritual call, the call of divine love. Divine Dimension (Real Music, USA), Enlightened Love (Real Music, USA), Shadow And Light (Kashi Kollective), Magic of the Wind (Fountain Music)...

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“I am the bamboo, the wind is my soul, I exist in your breath, I belong everywhere; I was the past, I am the present, and I will be the future; I have no beginning, nor any end… I maintain and sustain all things in creation; You can reach me only through the music of my flute, I am Krishna… .”    An ancient Sanskrit verse.