Online Lessons :

On line flute lessons are offered for the non-resident and foreign students desirous of learning to play the bansuri.

Once or twice a week, or as per requirement and proficiency level of playing.

Traditional. One-on-One basis.

Crash courses for foreign/non resident students :

Special crash courses for foreign / non-resident students are also offered. These courses are highly customized and devised entirely to suit the individual needs and specific course requirements covering music theory and flute performance.

It must be noted that the scope of teaching and learning Indian Classical Instrumental Music is very vast, and involves the comprehending of a lot of abstract concepts relating to both theory and performance. A diligent attempt is made to cover sufficient ground during the stipulated period in a manner that would be fairly easy for the student to understand and keep pace with.

Understandably, this is an on-going process spread over several years, and involving close and active interaction between the guru and the student, besides a disciplined and consistent approach and vigorous practice on student’s part. The sole objective of teaching and training a student is ultimately to groom him/her in all aspects of bansuri playing cast in the traditional gharana mould, as a seasoned, mature, well trained, performing flautist /musician, in time to come. Since such courses are highly customized, the fees / course package cannot be defined in advance, and would vary on a case to case basis. All payment is payable in advance by direct bank transfer or Paypal.

Traditional. One-on-One basis.

At the Guru's residence in Pune, India

Learning Aids
The student is free to record the music sessions on his / her laptop / ipod / audio recorder for reference and study. A good perfectly tuned bamboo flute / bansuri , preferably in the E or F key, Is a must for the serious student. The student may procure his / her own instrument independently.

(i) All non-resident / foreign students are required to make their own passport, visa and travel arrangements. They would also be responsible for making their own food and living arrangements during the period of study. Assistance wherever possible, would be rendered for locating suitable accommodation. All non-resident / foreign students are advised to educate and acquaint themselves with all the prevailing rules and regulations, as well as laws covering their travel and stay overseas.
(ii) It must be mentioned categorically that the Guru would not be held responsible or liable in whatsoever manner towards the incumbent student’s actions during his / her stay in Pune / India. The incumbent student shall be solely responsible for all his / her travel, visa, lodging and boarding. insurance and all related arrangements.