path of the Divine


The Road To Byblos - Crosswinds

For the last several years I have nurtured a long cherished desire to record an album featuring the vast musical canvas of flutes from around the world. After recording and releasing my albums Divine Dimension and Path of The Divine with bansuri meditation music, I thought this to be an opportune time to realize this desire and explore the wondrous tonal colors, and myriad of shades and expressions in the music of the woodwinds spanning several continents. For this album I have recorded tracks featuring the bansuri (Indian bamboo flute), the Native American flute, the Arabian flute, the Chinese flute, and the Balinese flute. Most tracks on this album have a story to tell. If you listen intently you will discover that each track has the flute whispering deep mysteries and singing intriguing tales from the exotic and distant lands of India, China, Tibet, Bali, Arabia, and America. —Rajendra Teredesai

Press Reviews

"Crosswinds is a truly beautiful flute-based album; calming, evocative, and inspiring. The emotionally intelligent flute playing of Rajendra Teredesai resounds wonderfully here on an album that features flutes from around the world,... "

" A lovely collision of music and art, Teredesai plays a flute from a different country on each track and you really can hear and feel the difference inherent in the slightly ... "

" Flutist Rajendra Teredesai excels at showcasing the tonal beauty of the bamboo flute in soft, meditative musical arrangements. His past albums have had a decidedly Indian slant to them, reflecting his background growing up in Mumbai.. "