path of the Divine

Divine Dimension

Antar Naad, Divine Dimension

Divine Dimension features Rajendra on the bansuri flute with help from Meena Teredesai on tanpura and Rasull Soon aka BlueMonk on keyboards and percussion. All the music was composed and arranged by Rajendra Teredasai and as you listen to this wonderfully soothing album you appreciate the talent behind the songs. There are ten songs that comprise Divine Dimension and the album as a whole runs a long 75:36 minutes in length. With only one of the songs clocking in under 5 minutes and track three running the longest at 10:24 you know that you are in for songs that allow you to listen for extended periods

Press Reviews

"Hearing Rajendra Teredesai's flute playing immediately transports the listener into another state of mind from the first note until the last echoes fade away on track 10. Rajendra was signed to Real Music back in 2011 to allow his music to reach out to those who had yet to experience his music in the United States and other countries around the world

"These flute meditations sound like Native American Indian introspective soundscapes but the surprise is that they are Eastern Indian soundscapes based on classic ragas. They are performed on flute with nary a sitar in earshot. While Oprah has yet to put the high sign on bansuri flute mediations, since nobody’s watching her network anyway, use your own powers of discovery

"Rajendra Teredesai's new album "Divine Dimension" was recently released by Real Music in the USA. "Divine Dimension" is an album designed to enhance awareness in a relaxed and contemplative state of mind. Rajendra's music is specifically designed for Meditation and Introspection. I would give this album 10 stars if they were available