path of the Divine

Path of the Divine

Path of Sankhya - Path of the Divine

Drawing upon traditional Indian ragas, while maintaining their pristine purity and simplicity, bansuri virtuoso Teredesai has masterfully and lovingly ventured down the Path of the Divine. An exquisite recording, suitable for meditation, yoga or restful repose. “The music of my bamboo flute is dedicated to the spiritual seeker — the one who, in the formidable chaos of modern times, still strives to seek true peace and mental tranquility by connecting with the Divinity deep within and all around.” —Rajendra Teredesai

Press Reviews

"Bansuri flute virtuoso Rajendra Tere­desai’s follow-up to his acclaimed Real Music debut, Divine Dimension, is the sublime Path of the Divine. Once again collaborating with Rasull Soon (keyboards, chant, percussion, synth arrangements), the pair explore the deep, meditative heart of the Indian raga (notably the improvisational alap phase), fusing the traditional (bansuri, tabla, tamboura drone, bowls) "

"Teredesai is a master of raga, India’s classical music. In Sanskrit, raga means to color or dye, and here Teredesai paints our minds and emotions with passion.This is Teredesai’s second recording on the Real Music label, and it makes us long for more. Playing his bamboo flute with minimal accompaniment, and true to this recording’s title, he invokes the divine"

"Intricate beauty and meditative serenity entwine on Path of the Divine, bansuri flutist Rajendra Teredesai’s second release for Real Music. The music was inspired by the structure, tone and feeling of traditional Indian ragas, thus giving each of these pieces a gentle, uplifting quality that is both spiritual and ethereal. ”