Divine Dimension

Antar Naad, Divine Dimension

Hearing Rajendra Teredesai's flute playing immediately transports the listener into another state of mind from the first note until the last echoes fade away on track 10. Rajendra was signed to Real Music back in 2011 to allow his music to reach out to those who had yet to experience his music in the United States and other countries around the world. With this his debut release on Real Music you are in for a treat as you become acquainted with Rajendra's marvelous playing of the Bansuri flute on compositions that can be used for relaxation or for putting yourself in the frame of mind for meditation. His album is called Divine Dimension and features Rajendra on the bansuri flute with help from Meena Teredesai on tanpura and Rasull Soon aka BlueMonk on keyboards and percussion. All the music was composed and arranged by Rajendra Teredasai and as you listen to this wonderfully soothing album you appreciate the talent behind the songs. There are ten songs that comprise Divine Dimension and the album as a whole runs a long 75:36 minutes in length. With only one of the songs clocking in under 5 minutes and track three running the longest at 10:24 you know that you are in for songs that allow you to listen for extended periods of time letting you enter into the music completely.......
Michael Foster AmbientVision

These flute meditations sound like Native American Indian introspective soundscapes but the surprise is that they are Eastern Indian soundscapes based on classic ragas. They are performed on flute with nary a sitar in earshot. While Oprah has yet to put the high sign on bansuri flute mediations, since nobody’s watching her network anyway, use your own powers of discovery. A masterful player that really knows the art, Teredesai knows the use of white space and melds the sound and the silence into a perfect new sonic trip for those that need music to lead them into the chill out zone. An absolutely wonderful recording for those times. You want to take a trip within.
Chris Spector, Midwest Records

Rajendra Teredesai's new album "Divine Dimension" was recently released by Real Music in the USA. "Divine Dimension" is an album designed to enhance awareness in a relaxed and contemplative state of mind. Rajendra's music is specifically designed for Meditation and Introspection. I would give this album 10 stars if they were available :) Rajendra Teredesai is among India's leading classical Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) virtuosos, with a distinctive individuality evolved over years of dedicated study and practice. As I learned on his website Rajendra is one of the foremost disciples of the most celebrated and internationally acclaimed flute master of our times - Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. Rajendra describes his music as being designed for meditative states: "In meditation we center awareness on the innermost level of being. The compositions on "Divine Dimension" are based on traditional Indian ragas, with one Kirtan, and as such invoke a deep spiritual experience for the listener. They have been arranged with simplicity in mind and feature bansuri, chant, tanpura, percussion and drums, with atmospheric keyboard backing. The music is ideally suited for meditative practices, yoga, tai chi and pure bliss. May it enhance your life." "Divine Dimension" is a rare "gem" amongst Bansuri recordings. A must have for those who love to meditate to the sound of the Bansuri flute. I play the flute myself and was blown away by Rajendra's sublime sound. Featured on Divine Dimension is also Rajendra's friend and colleague Blue Monk on keyboards. He arranged and mastered several tracks on this outstanding album. Blue Monk has his own release on Real Music, the album entitled "Enlightened Love". Enlightened Love Rajendra is also featured on several tracks on Blue Monk's album "Enlightened Love". He plays different flutes here including Native American flute on the track "Ancient Wisdom".
Moonstar, Hollywood California

An evening of relaxation is immediately at hand with this meditative recording. Based on traditional Indian ragas, the compositions were created to calm the mind and awaken a heightened spiritual state. Western keyboard sounds accent the classical bansuri flute melodies, masterfully performed by Rajendra Teredesai. Tanpura, sitar and chant join synthesizer and percussion for an exquisite recording that is as accessible as it is enjoyable.
Bette Timm

This tranquil collection of 10 bansuri flute meditations by the hugely talented Rajendra Teredesai, accompanied on keyboards and percussion by Rasull Soon and tanpura by Meena Teredesai, is a real gem and should be recommended to all your massage therapist customers unreservedly. The bansuri flute conveys an exotic, sensual, yet comforting mood, and the keyboard embellishments enhance that mood greatly. In many ways, this CD reminds me of Al Gromer Khan’s wonderful fusion of Indian music and ambient textures, except substituting Teredesai’s bansuri for Gromer Khan’s sitar. Haunting and beautiful beyond words, Divine Dimension will cast its spell on your customers at first playing.
Bill Binkelman Retailing Insight

Rajendra Teredesai’s Divine Dimension begins with Antar Naad (Call Within), a track that sets the stage for the different approaches and styles that are presented during the album’s runtime. Teredesai plays the bansuri (a type of bamboo flute), and creates compositions that provide listeners with a considerable amount of instrumental narration. Each of the compositions stretches out over a six-plus minute runtime, allowing Teredesai ample opportunity to expand on arrangements or otherwise capture the minds of listeners. Paramatma (Source of the Universe) is one of the strongest efforts on Divine Dimension, as the inclusion of a greater amount of elements (many atmospheric) creates a darker, more natural feel to the track. Asamkhya Kalpa (From Infinite to Infinity) is the final track on Divine Dimension, and is a rare case in which the artist continues to innovate even as the disc is drawing to a close. The wind-swept arrangements keep the track lighter, but distinct movements provide a more varied and always positive experience. Vedanta (Infinite Knowledge) is an ethereal, other-worldly type of track. From its onset, the track will break listeners free of their preconceived notions and place them in an entirely new mindset. Always shifting and changing, the flute lines that adorn Vedanta keeps the disc’s momentum high and listeners firmly focused on the title. Diving Dimension is the perfect disc to place on whenever one wants to center themselves, or is working on tasks that require a fair bit of concentration. Teredesai is a master of the bansuri, and Real Music has provided a great service in making his music readily available for American audiences. Check out their website for information regarding their 2012 slate of releases.
James McQuiston, Neufutur Magazine, Neufutur.com

This piece gets you lost in your meditation, and in meditation I believe that is the goal