Enlightened Love

Eastern Sun - Enlightened Love

On this fine work of world music, BlueMonk is joined with Rajendra Teredasai, one of India’s most renowned flautists. BlueMonk, a.k.a. Rusull Soon, combines his Malaysian musical roots with his study of Western classical music and his love of electronics to create nine globally inspired compositions. The pieces are simultaneously beautiful, splendorous and deeply relaxing. BlueMonk and Teredasai are master musicians, and this unique recording is a valuable asset to any healer, meditator or anyone else looking for an aid to relaxation and mindfulness.
Bette Timm

The pieces are simultaneously beautiful, splendorous and deeply relaxing. BlueMonk and Teredasai are master musicians, and this unique recording is a valuable asset to any healer, meditator or anyone else looking for an aid to relaxation and mindfulness
Bette Timm

Intricate beauty and meditative serenity entwine on Path of the Divine, bansuri flutist Rajendra Teredesai’s second release for Real Music. The music was inspired by the structure, tone and feeling of traditional Indian ragas, thus giving each of these pieces a gentle, uplifting quality that is both spiritual and ethereal. Teredesai’s flute is the central voice on the recording, around which subtle drone instruments and dreamy ambience flow. One of Teredesai’s strengths as an artist is his ability to display the depth and color of the simple bamboo flute, drawing from it intense emotion and a sense of otherworldly peacefulness. This makes a perfect accompaniment for mindfulness practice or the slower approaches of yoga — the music is very centering and encourages one to dive deeper within..
Music Design In Review

Rasull Soon, who performs as BlueMonk, presents us with striking and haunting melodies in his debut CD. BlueMonk delights us with his soft and seductive piano and on certain tracks combines with the wonderful talent of flautist Rajendra Teredesai, whose compositions complement Blue Monk's piano. Mr. Teredesai is a well-known and respected Indian flautist, who provides us with some incredibly beautiful Indian bansuri or Native American flutes. The constant theme is soft, relaxing and mood setting background music to enhance your space. Real Music, the label, has always presented artists whose ethereal music will set the mood for complete calm and relaxation. This CD is no exception. And their choice of piano and flute here is an outstanding example of the kind of material I have come to expect from Real Music. There is a very eastern flavor to many of the pieces and there are some very Native American sounding tracks as well, but the music can still be considered "world music." The piano and flute are combined with electronic enhancements to lend a very otherworldly feel to the music sometimes, while offering some harmonic accompaniment to the composition. As a Reiki practitioner, I am always looking for music to complement my practice. This collection of peaceful and contemplative compositions gives the exact air to the practice room and settles well with my clients. This is a perfect CD for my practice and will be added to my playlist. Stand out tracks on the CD are Alicia's Dream that features the flute work of Mr. Teredesai accompanied by Mr. Soon's piano. The music is very ethereal, very peaceful and an excellent composition. Ancient Wisdom has a Native American feel. The flute work of Mr. Teredesai is exceptional.
Michael Foster, editor Ambient Visions

Enlightened Love is the Real Music debut by multi-instrumentalist/composer Blue Monk. The album contains nine eclectic world music tracks that feature Rajendra Teredesai on bansuri and Native American flutes. Blue Monk performs on piano, keyboards, percussion, and ethnic instruments. From the liner notes: “The music is ideal for therapeutic practices like yoga, t’ai chi, meditation and personal and spiritual awakening, as well as for relaxation and easy listening.” Heavily-influenced by Eastern and Native American musical traditions as well as New Age stylings, some of the tracks are quiet and soothing while others are more upbeat and rhythmic. As always with Real Music’s releases, the sound quality is impeccable. Enlightened Love begins with “Eastern Sun,” a lovely piece that evokes visual images of a rising sun illuminating tranquil and vast open spaces. Warm and optimistic, it could be perfect in a movie soundtrack. “Letting Go” is much more fluid and relaxed. Piano and gently rhythmic keyboard accompaniments provide a soothing massage for the mind. “Ancient Wisdom” begins quietly, building as it evolves, incorporating a variety of instruments from various cultures as well as chanting voices. The flutes are especially effective in this piece. “Alicia’s Dream” is one of the more ambient pieces, and also one of the most beautiful. Piano with keyboard washes, flute and light percussion make this atmospheric gem a favorite. “Mindfulness” is even more ambient, with ethereal voices and pastel keyboard washes behind the simple piano meditation. “Cosmic Zen” goes darker, but with a peaceful feeling of floating in space. A mix of ethnic instruments with keyboard, voices, and flutes make this a multi-cultural world music selection that embraces many and excludes no one. “State of No Mind” reminds me of a conversation I had with Ray Lynch about twelve years ago about the concept of “headlessness” — being able to stop thinking and to just “be.”
Kathy Parsons

Enlightened Love can be enjoyed if an individual is doing housework or meditating, but I believe that to truly get the essence of the album, listeners have to provide total focus to the strains and compositions that are provided here. There is just so much nuance and complexity present to a track like the opening “Eastern Sun” that would simply be missed if listeners were not solely focused on the disc. I believe that BlueMonk’s compositions on Enlightened Love are stronger because they can speak to this wide array of listeners – whether new to flute work or more enlightened styles of music or a veteran of the genres, BlueMonk has inserted a tremendous amount of love and care to the tracks here. “Ancient Wisdom” is a stand-out track on Enlightened Love, due to the brilliant use of pacing as well as the interplay between open space and BlueMonk’s arrangements. There is a brooding style that is present at points during “Ancient Wisdom” that provide additional layers of depth and narrative; this leads into “Mindfulness” well. “Mindfulness” demarcates the longer second half of Enlightened Love, and this track allows listeners to enter into the latter half at their own leisure. With a tremendously tremulous touch, BlueMonk makes this half into a fully new experience, even to those that had listened to the initial part. Without a weak spot to be found in Enlightened Love, I contend that BlueMonk’s music should find it into any spa or personal meditation spot – the compositions will touch upon a listener’s very soul as the disc continues to spin. As the titular track ends, listeners should be confident that they have forever been changed. Top Tracks: Letting Go, State of No Mind. Rating: 8.1 out of 10
James McQuiston