Namaste Healing

Divine Oneness, Ekatman - Namaste Healing

Real Music’s “Namasté” series was created to present listeners with music for better well-being and spiritual exploration. With Namasté Healing, the focus is on softer music that has a meditative feel to it, providing an ideal backdrop for any and all healing activities you embark on. The album starts with the sublime synthesizer fantasias of Liquid Mind — a light and lulling introduction to the set. Kevin Kern’s piano playing, here represented with “And the Light is Forever,” is emotional and sweet, helping to build the tranquility level as the album progresses to its middle. The roster includes many of Real Music’s best relaxation-themed artists (Peter Kater, 2002, Bernward Koch, Kenio Fuke, etc.) which together provide a tapestry of healing with sublime Asian accents. The Asian flavors are particularly noteworthy on later tracks by flutist Rajendra Teredesai and flute/vocal duo Sacred Earth. This is a wonderful atmosphere album for anyone looking for stress relief and music for meditation.
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The 2014 CD release on Real Music of Namasté Healing presents a cross section of classic New Age instrumental music. Ten different Real Music artists have a track a piece on the CD and the results are a seamless blend of timeless healing music, perfect for finding sonic tranquility in a frantic world. The CD features ten classic Real Music tracks that spans 1998 to 2014. The collection starts off with healing music genius Chuck Wild and goes on to feature a stellar assortment of music by a number of Real Music artists including Kevin Kern, Kenio Fuke, The Haiku Project, Bernward Koch, Peter Kater, 2002, Rajendra Teredesai, Frank Steiner, Jr. and Sacred Earth. The term Namasté means “I bow to you” in Sanskrit and the liner notes point out the musical intention here is to keep us centered, inwardly poised and mentally protected. Each of the artists on this CD are clearly at the top of their game in the New Age / healing / ambient electronic music genre and overall, Namasté presents illuminating insights into the regenerative and reflective power of music. Fans of Real Music and their gifted roster of artists, need look no further than the healing sound of Namasté.
Robert Silverstein

A solidly tracked label sampler that calls attention to tracks from various albums that focus on music to bring peace and healing. It’s a nice trip through the body as well as the label’s back pages from the last ten years into the present. A sure bet to give your massage therapist to freshen up her music shelf; it’s anything but hippy dippy and sure to make an hour fly by all too quickly. Check it out.
Chris Spector