Yog Uday-Dawn Ritual- Moksha

Finding the path to inner peace has just got that little bit easier with this fantastic new release by Rajendra Teredesai, using Bansuri Flute and some wonderful arrangements, and with a stunning back drop of an eastern musical vista, we now have a really perfect release to focus on whilst meditating. The very delicate bird sound that opens the first track Yoga Uday Dawn Ritual is perfect and the flute allows us to sink in further into the realm of inner peace, for me this album is an utter delight, not only as a music writer, but also as a person who practices meditation. From dawns early light Teredesai transports us seamlessly to a new level of calm with the arrangement called Yoga Prabbat Morning Ritual. One can visualise the day moving forwards, sunlight filters in the window, playing with the dust in a dance of oneness. The flute here has a real vibrant energy about it and we can feel our meditative journey beginning to allow us to start that movement away from the physical body and into a lighter state of being. Here is an album that is best listened to via the use of head phones, the journey into yourself becomes that little bit more personnel by doing so. With the energy of a light summer cloud, we float into the track Yoag Nyas Noon Ritual. The chime is our point to enter; the drone of the Tamboura continues its mesmerising consistency of bliss. The energy of this track has a somewhat fuller feel to it, and its substantial and empowering tones carefully carry us along on our way, as the flute of Rajendra Teredesai is our own meditative narrator. Yoga Sandhya Sunset Ritual is a totally different arrangement; one can feel and hear the energy shift, the day is now waning and the first of the night shrouds have begun to slowly crawl across the landscape, the master musicians flute seems to be calling us now to rest and enter a place of deep inner peace. The composition is now wrapping its arms around us in support; this is truly a wondrous performance by Teredesai. The chime brings down the night scene of total serenity; the tempo is now far slower as we feel a sense of letting go. Yoga Dhyan Twilight Ritual will allow your senses to completely be at one, there is a real haunting element about the artists flute on this track, it is as if he is playing for the world, performing in our dreams and creating a moment of sublime healing whilst doing so. Darkness is now upon us, the long drone of the chime, the OM chant and the now very delicate Tamboura, joins the master musician for one last moment of reverie on the piece Yoga Nidra Night Ritual. By now the best pathway to peace is that of total surrender to the moment, then we can literally float between realms. We can feel the peace and harmony through this really beautiful album and this extremely calming track. Moksha the path to inner peace starts right here for you, here is an album that if you have a meditation ritual, has to be a must in your collection. Dedicate time to this release, it is truly special and created with love and a sincere intent to bring positivity into your lives. Rajendra Teredesai is a truly superb flautist and on Moksha the path to inner peace he has manifested something quite exceptional.
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Rajendra Teredesai's latest release for Real Music called Moksha - The Path to Inner Peace once again takes us on a meditative journey that uses his consummate skills both as a composer and as a flautist to coax listeners to shed their everyday concerns and stresses in exchange for almost 50 minutes’ worth of reflective time spent with him as the guide. Rajendra's flute playing floats over the drones of the tampura as it plays in the background giving Rajendra an excellent canvas on which to apply the paint of his emotional bansuri flute playing as he creates images of peace and tranquility in the hearts and minds of his listeners. The key to the music that Rajendra creates is that it allows the conscious mind to be quieted enough for the spirit to be heard and it does so by creating a trance like atmosphere so as not to give the mind anything to latch onto but rather permits the mind to slightly lose focus so that the spirit can assert itself. With multitasking, the internet, smartphones, texts and social media a constant part of our existence in the 21st century, music such as you will find on Rajendra's latest release is sometimes an essential part of allowing the mind to temporarily release its iron grip on your daily agenda and create some space in your life for meditation and relaxation. The title of the album speaks to the music that you will find on the 6 tracks that Rajendra has chosen for this release. Moksha is the highest spiritual state attained by a yogi or meditator and the music that has been included in this album has the single goal of facilitating a journey for the listener into a deeper spiritual state which allows for a more complete union with whatever deity that you may follow. But of course Rajendra’s music would be just as effective for undertaking a meditation to clear the mind before bed or before the start of a hectic day. Music is art after all and in many ways it is in the mind and the heart of the listener that music finds its unique expressions for each person. While the bansuri flute and the tampura make up the bulk of the music you will hear on this new album you will also find the sounds of birds at the opening of the disc with the song Yoga Uday- Dawn Ritual and strategically placed throughout Moksha you will hear the sound of the singing bowls being struck as if to signal that a change is about to take place. Rajendra created the ragas that you will hear on this album with specific times of day in mind. In fact the 6 tracks that you will find on this new album start with Yoga Uday - Dawn Ritual for track one and progress through the entire day with the last track called Yoga Nidra-Night Ritual. Perhaps this is to suggest that mindfulness and ritual are not confined to a particular day or a particular time of day but are a natural part of our existence and should therefore be a commonplace part of any day/time that we would choose to express it. The whole purpose of music such as Rajendra's is simply to offer the listener a chance to be still for a bit. It is this stillness that allows us to tap into those deeper areas of who we are that normally stays buried inside and that rarely sees the light of day. Moksha - The Path to Inner Peace is the perfect subtitle for this album as Rajendra seeks, through his compositions and through his own sensitivity to how the music opens a person up, to tap into that wellspring of peace the dwells in us all but usually requires some work to get to it. At the very least the idea of this music being a "path" to inner peace does show that it takes some walking to get to it. One of the banes in modern society is that people have become very accustomed to having everything instantly or in a very short period of time which creates an impatience for processes that might actually require that they spend some time to achieve their goals. Rajendra's music on this album is not something to rush through so you can move on to the next thing. Moksha - The Path to Inner Peace highlights that the process or the path to inner peace takes some time and some patience on the part of the listener. Rajendra Teredesai’s album Moksha – The Path to Inner Peace is a wonderful inward journey that is a massage for the spirit and is emotional and moving music. It weaves a musical tapestry that incorporates not only the spiritual aspects of a person’s life but also the hours of the day that measures that life so that there is a joining of time and timelessness all within the compositions that you will find here. I would imagine that as you listen to this music over and over again over a period of time that you will find that you can achieve deeper states of tranquility with each journey that you take. Rajendra has created Moksha as a way of inviting the listener to discover those things that he has already found through these ragas and many others over the years. We think that listeners would do well to accept that invitation.
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