Path of the Divine Album Reviews

Path of Sankhya - Path of the Divine

Bansuri flute virtuoso Rajendra Tere­desai’s follow-up to his acclaimed Real Music debut, Divine Dimension, is the sublime Path of the Divine. Once again collaborating with Rasull Soon (keyboards, chant, percussion, synth arrangements), the pair explore the deep, meditative heart of the Indian raga (notably the improvisational alap phase), fusing the traditional (bansuri, tabla, tamboura drone, bowls) with the ultra-contemporary (assorted electronic and ambient shadings and textures). The resultant musical magic hits the listener like intoxicating, enticing incense, trans­porting the mind to a state of relaxation and bliss. This CD is a must-have for your massage-therapist customers.
Bill Binkelman Retailing Insight

Teredesai is a master of raga, India’s classical music. In Sanskrit, raga means to color or dye, and here Teredesai paints our minds and emotions with passion. This is Teredesai’s second recording on the Real Music label, and it makes us long for more. Playing his bamboo flute with minimal accompaniment, and true to this recording’s title, he invokes the divine. Light keyboard, percussion and atmospheric sounds subtly enhance the melodic ragas, punctuated by just the right amount of silence between the notes. The result is a magical, deeply meditative experience.
Bette Timm, Music Reviewer

Intricate beauty and meditative serenity entwine on Path of the Divine, bansuri flutist Rajendra Teredesai’s second release for Real Music. The music was inspired by the structure, tone and feeling of traditional Indian ragas, thus giving each of these pieces a gentle, uplifting quality that is both spiritual and ethereal. Teredesai’s flute is the central voice on the recording, around which subtle drone instruments and dreamy ambience flow. One of Teredesai’s strengths as an artist is his ability to display the depth and color of the simple bamboo flute, drawing from it intense emotion and a sense of otherworldly peacefulness. This makes a perfect accompaniment for mindfulness practice or the slower approaches of yoga — the music is very centering and encourages one to dive deeper within..
Music Design In Review

“Param Sukh” begins Path of the Divine; the narrative qualities of Teredesai’s Bansuri flute provide a cogent and coherent story that is weaved throughout the entirety of the composition. “Shakti Dhyana” is able to keep close stylistically, despite possessing an outward sound that represents a distinct facet of Teredesai. The tracks on Path of the Divine provide listeners with a brief glimpse into Teredesai the human just as they do Teredesai the artist. A bright point on Path of the Divine, “Bhakti Dnyana” brings listeners onto an eight-minute journey through Teredesai’s soundscape. The arrangements (flute and atmospheric noise) provide listeners with a range of complex interactions, establishing the composition as something much greater than its sum of constituent parts. Themes are allowed to properly breathe, allowing Teredesai ample time in-track or through a range of tracks to further elaborate and expand ; the late-disc trilogy of “Samarpan,” “Shoonya,” and “Shoonya” provide a focused shift away from the overall tenor of the introductory efforts. There is a theme of humanity versus the vastness of existence; wide-open tracks work well to highlight every twist and turn that Teredesai’s flute provides to listeners.
James McQuiston NeuFutur Magazine

Rajendra Teredesai's second Real Music album was released earlier this year and again Rajendra is exploring his connections with the divine while inviting us all to join him as fellow pilgrims on this journey. He has accomplished this through the 10 songs that he has composed for this album which help to clear the clutter from our minds and thereby allows our hearts to make the connection with our spiritual nature and the divine. Path of the Divine runs a little over 73 minutes so there is ample time for the listener who is seeking to open themselves up to the deeper movements of the spirit to establish the correct frame of mind to do so. Rajendra's music set's an introspective atmosphere for the listener as they begin their inward journey. Most of the songs are oriented around his masterfully played flute and although there are some other instruments/voices accompanying him they never interfere or overpower the atmosphere that Rajendra has created with this album.
Michael Foster, editor Ambient Visions