Namaste Yoga Album Reviews

Shakti Dhyana- Namaste Yoga

Namasté Yoga continues that trend with a collection of musical pieces designed to present a comforting, supportive atmosphere within which yoga practice can flourish. The music has a strong Indian character, and all the pieces are on the softer side. A prime example would be Rajendra Teredesai’s sublime “Shakit Dhyana,” which features the contemplative twirls of the bansuri flute against the swirling drone of sitar and chimes.
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Namasté Yoga, the fifth in the label’s popular Namasté series, gives you the chance to revisit your favorite artists perfectly sequenced, and ideally combined for yoga, meditation, massage or any relaxation experience. Artists on this release include Sacred Earth, Karunesh, Ben Leinbach, Rajendra Teredesai, and more.
Bette Timm

Once again we find the label dipping into its back pages, old and new, to craft a themed work that also spreads the word to people that haven’t yet been “in the tent.” This is a well programmed set for yoga that doesn’t make you break a sweat unless you want to turn up the thermostat. This is good stuff for clearing your mind and getting to be “one with the universe.” Well done!
Chris Spector Midwest Records