path of the Divine


11-11 - Sensation

Album Sensation composed specifically for Relaxation, Meditation and other healing arts. The sounds of Sensation will bring peace to your day. The com­po­si­tions on this album are specif­i­cally designed for Chakra heal­ing, relax­ation, guided med­i­ta­tion and holis­tic practices. Drawing upon traditional Indian ragas, while maintaining their pristine purity and simplicity, bansuri virtuoso Teredesai has masterfully and lovingly ventured down the Path of the Divine. An exquisite recording, suitable for meditation, yoga or restful repose. “The music of my bamboo flute is dedicated to the spiritual seeker — the one who, in the formidable chaos of modern times, still strives to seek true peace and mental tranquility by connecting with the Divinity deep within and all around.” —Rajendra Teredesai

Namaste Healing shadow and light